Pros and Cons Between Youth Soccer In The USA and Europe

Albert Puig - Why do soccer coaches yell from the sideline?

What Are The Differences in Player Development Between Europe and America? IN AMERICA, THE CHILDREN DARE TO INVENT.  THIS IS AN ADVANTAGE. Youth Soccer News: Since my expedition to the US, I have been able to notice the differences in American and European football (soccer). Let’s start by first establishing that in development soccer there […]

Youth Team … Yes …reasons…

Is it important to develop the youth divisions at an elite soccer club? Is there an economic as well as sporting return? Is it an investment or an expense? Is it an image or a concept? Principal or complementary?  An elite soccer club measures it all in athletic, social and consequently financial success. The objective […]

Is a Messi born or made?

This is one of the most debated and exciting questions around sports training and formation, and specifically pursuant to soccer. Are you born with talent, or is talent forged? Is talent in the world of soccer a result of good methodology, or is it good recruitment that results in a pool of talent in a […]

Dad, I want to be a soccer player

How many times have we heard our children express this dream? Hundreds of times? Thousands? I believe too many to keep track of. I don’t think that nowadays there’s a career, socially, and in many cases economically, that is so well recognized. I also believe that there isn’t a profession with so many side effects […]

See What Others Don’t…

Marc Sagal

More than just a clever slogan, these words represent what makes APFC so special. I suspect by now you realize that there are those who think they understand soccer and those who really understand it. What’s so amazing about APFC, about Albert and Bernat and their staff is that they want to, and are able […]

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