Dad, I want to be a soccer player


How many times have we heard our children express this dream? Hundreds of times? Thousands? I believe too many to keep track of. I don’t think that nowadays there’s a career, socially, and in many cases economically, that is so well recognized. I also believe that there isn’t a profession with so many side effects in the present and the future. A correct classification would be a high-risk profession. 

Currently, a rollercoaster by the mix of three factors: fame, money, and youth. That is to say, the three elements in an eternal dream that many historical figures have reached, throughout history. The holy grail of happiness but with no possibility of handling remotely or at cruise control or pausing in time. High speeds will cause the train to derail at the first curve. A continuous pause will burn the frame, and the opportunity of a future will go up in smoke. 

A profession in the future that has an expiration date. With an end, but no end to the journey. In the best of cases, a change in direction, like the exodus of the people of Israel, who crossed the desert for 40 years. A journey which the whole of society has been prepared for. And sadly, the glorious tattooed gladiators of the Roman arena (tattoo laser removal machines will be such a lucrative business), are not prepared for. 

Dad, I want to be a football player … yes son/daughter, yes. Fight for it and enjoy every single moment of this beautiful career, You will be one of the privileged few. Unique memories. Unparalleled experiences. But don’t forget to be prudent in the present and foresighted in the future. Enjoy youth with humility and arm yourself with education for your next career, the career that will provide sustenance for your family. 

Originally published in: http://www.mundodeportivo.com/opinion/20150529/20273185453/papa-quiero-ser-futbolista.html

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